Reliable strategic partner to countries and companies on 4 continents

Your partner in secure identity management

CETIS, one of Europe's leading security printing solutions companies, provides travel, identity and traffic documents (e.g. biometric passports, identity cards, visas, birth certificates and other civil status certificates, driving and car licences) and comprehensive turnkey solutions for identity management and document issuance (including data enrolment and data management, AFIS, personalisation, PKI and central population registers). 

With over 200 years of experience, CETIS is a reliable strategic partner to companies and governments on 4 continents, promising high quality, flexibility, customised solutions, short lead times and a high level of support. International certificates guarantee that our products and services follow the most demanding international security and quality standards.

CETIS d.d. is part of the CETIS Group. The offer of the CETIS Group, which consists of nine companies, includes the production of travel and personal documents, complete solutions for identity management and document issuance, flexible packaging, commercial printing solutions, printed cardboard packaging and other products and solutions.

CETIS d.d. is also part of the MSIN Group with more than 1,150 employees, which, among other things, connects companies that together represent the largest graphic and packaging group in Slovenia.

Commitments to our customers

We strive towards partnership which is based on cooperation in all phases of development, unconditional quality and a proactive approach towards your business challenges. With a thorough knowledge of customer needs, on-going observation of trends, innovation, continuous modernisation of technology and production and quick response times, we are able to swiftly adapt and provide you with tailor-made solutions. We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions, which facilitate your work and save you time and money. If needed, we also integrate solutions into existing systems.

  • PARTNERSHIP. It is based on two-way communication and joint efforts to attain the clients' objectives. CETIS is positioned as a strategic development partner and provider that understands well the challenges its clients face, and meets them with comprehensive solutions.
    • Reliability/trust. Trust is built with high-quality products and services provided in time and at the right price. This is proven by the standards we have achieved, by recognition and satisfied customers.
    • Flexibility. We provide comprehensive integration into the customer’s system and provide custom-made solutions. We are adaptable in the search for optimum business and financial solutions.
    • Responsiveness. Responsiveness is reflected in our short delivery and offer deadlines, and friendliness of employees. We are professional, and handle customers' challenges together with them.
  • HIGH QUALITY. CETIS ensures a high quality of products and solutions together with a level of integrity, accuracy and professionalism which exceeds the expectations of our customers.
  • COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS. We provide all solutions in one place, which facilitates customers' work and saves their time and money. If needed, we also integrate solutions into existing systems.

Why partnership with CETIS?

  • Reliable strategic R&D partner
  • Over 200 years of experience
  • Presence on 4 continents
  • Over 200 references for products and services
  • Among the most flexible companies in the industry
  • With short lead times
  • Customised solutions
  • In-house know-how
  • Comprehensive and integrated systems
  • Following the most demanding international security and quality standards