XXI CLARCIEV meeting and Technology fair 2024

São Paulo, Brasil 03. 07. 2024 - 05. 07. 2024
XXI CLARCIEV meeting and Technology fair 2024

At CETIS, one of Europe's leading security printing solutions companies, we are proud to present our latest solutions in identitytravel and traffic documents and comprehensive turnkey solutions for identity management and document issuance.

We are kindly inviting you to visit us at the XXI CLARCIEV meeting and Technology fair 2024, on booth 06, in São Paulo, Brasil, between 3-5 July 2024. 


Latin American and Caribbean Council of Civil Registry, Identity and Vital Statistics (CLARCIEV) brings together Civil Registry institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean, with the aim of providing a forum for the exchange of experiences in the registration and identification of persons and promoting support among registry institutions. With 19 member countries it promotes the right to identity in the region and supports regional actions to achieve universal birth registration by 2030.

With the aim of integrating private companies that work in registration and identification issues, CLARCIEV enables a technology fair which provides a space for company representatives to present their products and share their experiences in the search for common solutions to registration and identification challenges. The CLARCIEV meetings bring together civil registration and identification offices from Latin America and the Caribbean. It is the main space for the exchange of practices and knowledge on civil identity in the region. The CLARCIEV meets annually in a host country to discuss legal, administrative, procedural, and technological aspects related to legal identity. 

The Program for Universal Civil Identity in the Americas (PUICA) of the Organization of American States (OAS) is the Executive Secretariat of the Council. Founded in 2005, CLARICIEV is the only regional entity in the Americas that focuses on the challenges related to civil registration, identification, and the right to identity.

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