By signing a Diversity Charter, CETIS promotes the values of inclusion and equality

06. 12. 2018
By signing a Diversity Charter, CETIS promotes the values of inclusion and equality

Mr Urban Golob, the executive director of the company CETIS d.d., signed the Diversity Charter of Slovenia at yesterday's ceremony, which included an international round table debate held under the honorary sponsorship of Ms Ksenija Klampfer, the minister of labour, the family, social affairs and equal opportunities. 

With this act, the company CETIS also formally joined some 8,000 companies in Europe and 102 companies in Slovenia which understand the importance and positive effects of diversity management. By signing the Diversity Charter, the 45 new signatories in Slovenia have confirmed that the values of inclusion and equality facilitate growth of companies. 

Demographic changes, fluctuations on the labour market and globalisation factors namely contribute to the increasing diversity of labour force within organisations. There is a high probability for employees who have different needs, values and motivations and whose contribution and the way they establish relationships differ, to meet each other in the workplace. The company CETIS believes that diversity, inclusion and equality represent a source of progress and development and open new ways of thinking, which is why it provides everybody with equal opportunities regardless of gender or age. We also employ foreigners and disabled people, and prevent discrimination in employment and at the workplace, as well as in staffing, promotions, education, work conditions and the working environment. 

We have included the commitments on diversity in the Code of Ethics of employees of the MSIN group, to which we have acceded, and which summarises the desired actions of all employees. 

The Diversity Charter of Slovenia is based on voluntarily accepted principles with the purpose of the promotion of the values of diversity, equality and inclusion. It promotes the acceptance, respect and inclusion of diversity in Slovenian organisations as a potential of innovativeness for permanent solutions by these organisations. It includes six principles which encourage the development of an organisational culture which is based on equal opportunities, mutual respect, acceptance and inclusion of diverse employees, creating a diverse and inclusive environment and respecting and promoting the principles of diversity at all levels of the organisation, recognition of diverse customers, creation of diversity policies and spreading of your commitment to the principles and policy of diversity among all stakeholders.