Company CETIS receives the gold award for best Slovenian innovations

27. 09. 2017
Company CETIS receives the gold award for best Slovenian innovations
As part of the Innovativeness Day event, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS) conferred today for the 15th time the national awards for the most innovative companies and for innovators in companies and public research institutes. CETIS, one of the leading companies in the field of solutions for security and commercial printing, received the highest, the gold national award, for innovative achievements for its polycarbonate data page binding solution for e-passports.

The GZS’s award for best innovations at the national level represents the highest award for innovative achievements by Slovenian companies, and promotes innovativeness in Slovenia. Twelve gold, one special and 25 silver awards were conferred on the national finalists who had been picked from 182 innovations and 774 at the regional level.

The awards ceremony, which took place as part of the Innovativeness Day event and which was also watched online by the foreign public, was attended by representatives of foreign diplomatic and consular missions who cover Slovenia. The creators of the award-winning innovation, who accepted the award, are (from left to right): Milan Kerič, director of development and IT solutions, Jana Hleb, head of control and management system support, Roman Žnidarič, executive director, and Franci Zajc, director of production

Importance of binding of the data page in the passport booklet

The current global security situation demands stricter security procedures during trips, additional activities related to the prevention of abuse of documents and implementation of additional security standards. Due to the stricter control of identity of individuals, producers of travel documents are developing new, even more durable and more protected solutions.

A passport is the most important travel document - a document proving the identity and citizenship of an individual in the home country and abroad. It is therefore important that a passport is well protected from counterfeiting and modification. The method of binding of the data page in the passport booklet is one of the key parts of a passport, which ensures the protection from counterfeiting and modification, as well as durability, flexibility, compatibility and reliability.

Patented innovation

CETIS innovators have thus developed a new generation of binding of the data page in the e-passport. The patented unique solution on the market brings improvements from the aspects of security, durability, flexibility, compatibility and reliability. It is a completely new approach to combining the component material and is currently the most reliable solution on the market. The lifespan of an average passport is up to 10 years, while CETIS’s innovation extends this period by almost two times.
In addition to the existing, more than 50 security elements, it provides for additional security elements, such as the watermark effect and additional ultra-violet protection. With the innovation, CETIS maintains the position of one of the rare producers of polycarbonate data pages for passports. The solution is already being used in Central America and Africa, while new business opportunities are also opening up. Awards such as this encourage innovativeness as one of the basic values of the company.

The innovation was first presented in November 2016 at the TRUSTECH fair in Cannes, France, the largest event dedicated to payment systems, identification, connections and security. It attracted a lot of attention from customers and the media.